Next weekend, our triathlon team, Break on Through, will be back on a mission to conquer the Chicago Triathlon again. We are not only doing it for ourselves, but to raise money to support an amazing charity partner in Breakthrough. The past 18 months have been challenging for everybody, however there are people in Chicago’s East Garfield Park who could really use our support now.

This year Tony, who works at Breakthrough, will tackle the running portion, Jason will handle the swimming portion, and I will once again put forth my best effort on my bicycle. The generosity of family, friends and colleagues in 2018 and 2019 inspired me to accomplish physical feats I didn’t believe possible. Will you please consider supporting our efforts now? 

Any donations you would be generous enough to provide would be SO much appreciated. Here’s a little more background on the organization my team is raising money for below. THANK YOU for the consideration!



Breakthrough is committed to community revitalization in East Garfield Park on Chicago's West Side, and for 25 years has followed a profoundly simple formula: people first. Each year, Breakthrough provides housing, food, job training, medical care, education, and youth development activities to over 13,000 local residents. Throughout all of its services, Breakthrough envisions a vibrant, healthy community in which all people recognize their God given value and where success is the norm and families prosper.

This year Breakthrough launched the All In Campaign to fund the Family Housing project and expand programs for High Schoolers. Will you consider contributing to support the launch of these exciting projects? See the video link above for more details!




Rooted in partnership with a diverse collection of non-profits, Renew Chicago, a standalone 501(c)3, provides financial and leadership resources and volunteers to more than a dozen local outreach organizations across three core focus areas: Neighborhood Impact, Schools and Education and Economic Renewal.