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Founded in 2018, Live Grit SOARS uses the sport of triathlon as a vehicle for providing equitable access and empowerment to youth.

Whether teaching our athletes to swim and bike or coaching them through a run, our programs open doors to empowering experiences and positive role models. By training for the Chicago Triathlon, the youth improve their self-esteem (belief in self), self-management (positive coping skills) and sense of community. Our focus on both physical and mental well-being teaches our athletes to set goals, to engage in responsible decision-making, to persevere through obstacles, and to achieve their full potential. 

Since 2018, LG SOARS has trained over 100 athletes from Chicago’s west and southside communities to compete in the Chicago Triathlon. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization shifted its focus to addressing the digital divide for Chicago Public School students and distributed more than 300 laptops for students to connect via e-learning.

In 2022, we are excited to have our triathlon program back in full force. Between our existing neighborhood programs and our new partners including Cook County Juvenile Probation, LG SOARS will train over 45 youth athletes to compete in the Chicago Triathlon. In April, LG SOARS will also kick off its swim-focused program, providing access to swim lessons to our athletes, most for the first time.