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Renew Training & Social Events

It's once again time for a BIG return to building community through a formal curriculum of training, social and celebration events!

Our Steering Committee will be planning the full season schedule over the next few weeks, using our tentative team calendar as a guide. Updates to the schedule are typically posted on our social channels, so if you are not already following, it's time to get connected.



You Are Not Alone

"When I took my first plunge into the then-intimidating sport of triathlon back in 2010, I really had no clue what I was getting into, because I tried to do it all on my own. Despite my goggles not working, and underinflated tires adding what felt like another five miles to the ride, the equipment malfunctions significantly slowed my pace, but that's about it. Hoping I had everything necessary to complete the race properly staged in the locked transition zone at 5:30am when I made a place for myself and my bag of stuff in the grass near the start line, that's when I began the long wait alone for the sun to rise and my family to eventually show up.  

Despite all that, I still fell in love with the sport and have come back to the Chicago Triathlon every year since. The lesson learned -- which Renew Chicago Team Members won't have to learn the hard way -- is to take your first steps into what can be a scary venture in the community of friends, coaches and supporters who have been in your first-timer shoes, doing this for years. Regardless of your experience or ability, we've got you covered, because we are working with the best first-timer tri staff on the planet. And nobody will be sitting on the hill by themselves; we've got a space carved out for all of us to gather, and stow your belongings in Charity Village before the race, and another big spot reserved at the Finish Festival to celebrate together after the race, too."

- First Timers Coach Scott